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Simon is one of Britain's leading independent PR advisors.
Bringing a wealth of experience to the role spanning more than 25 years, he began his career as a journalist and editor on major news and business to business publications.  After moving into PR, he now works with everyone from the world's largest multinationals to ambitious start-ups - and companies of every size in-between.
Simon is the founder and managing director of Paperchase.
His approach to PR has always been driven purely by results - and he achieves these by consistently adopting an approach which is as proactive as it is innovative. In short, he keeps the aims of his clients and the requirements of journalists - be they broadcast, print or online - at the heart of this process.
Simon has worked with companies operating in most sectors: from manufacturing to public services and retail to professional services. In addition, he is acknowledged to have industry-leading expertise in the automotive sector. Simon's detailed knowledge of the issues and personalities driving both the motor trade and fleet industries are widely recognised to be second to none.
But quite apart from advising hundreds of companies worldwide on their PR strategies, he has also been involved in his own successful business start-ups. Consequently, he brings great strategic knowledge to his role which reaches well beyond the boundaries of PR and general marketing. As a result, he is often used by clients as a source of business advice and ideas.
Current and past Paperchase clients include GE Capital, Glass’s Guide, Arval, RAC, epyx, iVendi, Microban, Chevin Fleet Solutions, Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association, The Warranty Group, AA Tyre Fit, TLS Vehicle Rental, CFC Solutions, Holland and Barrett, Churchill Tableware and Pinewood Computer Solutions.
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Current and previous clients include

Simon has a relationship with epyx that dates back almost two decades and, during that time, has played a key part in shaping the positive perception of the company across the motor industry.

Dal Dosanjh Head of marketing communications.

As a business, we have been bringing a new and innovative proposition to the motor finance sector, and Simon’s help has been invaluable in communicating that message to the market.

Paul Burgess CEO, Startline Motor Finance

We’ve worked closely with Simon almost since the inception of the company and he has greatly helped us to define the iVendi's identity as we have evolved to become the market leader in online motor retail.

James Tew CEO.

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The first electric vehicles are this week being added to the fleet of medium-term rental specialist Meridian Vehicle Solutions. 

A number of Audi e-trons are becoming available for rental for leases from periods of 3-12 months, with vehicles delivered new directly from the dealer.

Phil Jerome, managing director, explained: “Like any rental provider to the company car sector, we need to be adding electric vehicles to our fleet to meet future needs and this seems like the right moment to take that step.

“Initially, we expect interest to be high from businesses and company car drivers who are curious about EVs but remain cautious about the technology and don’t want to jump straight in and take out a long term lease. Here, we are providing an option that allows them to see whether an EV will fit in with their work and personal motoring needs.

“Our feeling is that, once they have tried out an EV over an extended period of time, they will come to be strong advocates of the technology.”

Phil added that the e-tron would be a permanent addition to the Meridian model range but that the overall number of EVs being added to the Meridian fleet would remain relatively low for the next few months because of limited availability and high prices in relation to comparable petrol and diesel models.

“We would like to add more EVs and plan to do so during the rest of 2020 but much will depend on the supply situation and the kind of pricing that the market will accept. Providing EVs into the medium-term rental sector remains relatively uncharted territory.”

About Meridian Vehicle Solutions

Based in Elstree, Hertfordshire, Meridian was created in 2015 to provide short to medium-term contracts for immediate delivery to fleets whose requirement is for premium and semi-premium models for periods of 6-12 months. All cars are supplied new and pricing is designed to be competitive when compared to longer term leasing rates.

For further details, please contact Simon Wells at Paperchase Public Relations:


Servicing and maintenance is set to be a key area for fleet management during the remainder of 2020, fleet software specialist FleetCheck is predicting.

The company says that a number of challenges are arising within the new normal that will mean fleet managers need to pay more attention to the area than usual.

Peter Golding, managing director, explained that the main issue would be pressure to reduce costs at a point in time when vehicle replacement was often being delayed.

“This strikes us as the most acute point of weakness for fleets. Because of the uncertainty around the current economic situation, many companies are pulling the purse strings tight. This means that they are often putting off their normal car and van replacement cycles at the same time as looking at ways of cutting service and maintenance costs.

“Clearly, these two objectives are not always compatible. The longer you keep hold of a vehicle, the more closely its service and maintenance needs to be monitored and the more likely it is that serious problems start to develop that cost a lot of money to put right.

“What fleet managers need to do is to try and arrive at strategies that allow them to keep all the vehicles on their fleet in a fully roadworthy condition while, at the same time, minimising expenditure. This can be done, we believe, but it is not easy.”

Peter said that the key was to look at servicing and maintenance costs as closely as possible, ensuring that the work was done to a high standard at a competitive price.

“How this is achieved will depend very much on each individual fleet. Some will have people on board with the technical knowledge to look at their service and maintenance buying almost on a line-by-line basis to identify areas where savings can be made. Where this is being done, they can use fleet software to help automate that process.

“Others will lack that degree of proficiency and require external support. One thing we are planning for the second half of the year is to promote the advantages of Garage Link, which is our product giving our user base free access to a national network of repairers using technology from epyx and offering massive buying power alongside expert advice.

“In both instances, the solutions employed may mean, for example, looking at using more independent repairers, reviewing tyre brands bought and watching for areas of accidental overcharging, such as sometimes happens with oil and other fluids.”

The MoT test situation was also likely to prove to be a potentially serious issue related to servicing and maintenance during the second half of the year, Peter added.

“It’s been widely highlighted already but considerable pressure will be placed on the MoT testing infrastructure as all the delayed tests become due alongside all of those that were set to take place anyway. Demand will sky rocket and there may not be enough capacity.

“Our advice to fleet managers is to book in now all of your vehicles that have MoT tests due before the end of the year. It is not impossible that some cars and vans will have to be removed from use because a test isn’t available before their current MoT expires.”

About FleetCheck

Based in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, FleetCheck is one of the UK’s leading fleet software and management specialists. Established in 2006, it now has a customer base of more than 1,000 businesses totalling in excess of 100,000 vehicles using its suite of advanced fleet software solutions, which place an accent on ease of use and effectiveness. The company also offers a range of additional service including telematics, risk management, driver training, licence checking, fleet documentation, fleet policy creation and strategy implementation.

More details can be found at

For further details, please contact Simon Wells at Paperchase Public Relations:


Few of the lessons that the motor finance sector learnt in the 2008 financial crash will apply to the process of recovering from the coronavirus crisis, Startline Motor Finance is predicting. 

CEO Paul Burgess explained that there were almost no parallels between the two economic downturns and that the solutions that ultimately proved to be successful this time around would probably prove to be equally different.

He said: “Many or even most of the people who are now senior managers in motor finance companies were already working in the sector during the 2008 crash and there is a temptation to look at the current situation in similar terms.

“However, the global situation then was very much about the supply side. There was a lack of available credit and the underlying problems were created by some dangerously poor underwriting decisions compounded into questionable investment products.

“The answer was to increase liquidity by pumping money into the market while ensuring that lending of that kind was prevented in the future and banks behaved more responsibly.

“Today, the problem is more about demand. Even though we have seen a strong post-lockdown bounce in the used car market, people are generally refraining from spending or borrowing in the wider economy and that will have an impact on the speed of recovery.

“Especially, as bad news inevitably starts to accumulate over the second half of the year in the shape of large scale redundancies and business failures, these negative effects on consumer behaviour are probably only going to become stronger.”

Paul said that the solutions which worked would probably be the ones that helped to preserve a higher degree of confidence in the economy.

“Really, the government faces a double challenge when it comes to confidence. It needs to enable people to be active in the economy while ensuring that they feel protected from coronavirus, but it is also about stepping in to save jobs and businesses that remain fundamentally viable.

“The same principles apply to the motor finance sector as a part of the economy. We need to ensure that we are providing products and advice that help people feel sufficiently secure in their borrowing choices and physically safe when it comes to buying cars.”

He said that it was interesting to see ideas such as the guarantee introduced by Ford of America on new cars, where the manufacturer agreed to buy back any vehicle bought if the consumer was made redundant.

“I’m not proposing this as a product that is suitable for the UK used car market but it does show the degree of innovation that can be brought to motor finance, and it directly tackles some of the issues that are stopping people from buying new cars on finance.

“Certainly, we expect to see manufacturers, dealers and motor finance companies step up to the plate in terms of identifying innovations over the next few months that will help to stimulate a general recovery. We believe that personal security – in terms of health and financial wellbeing - to be a key feature of these ideas.” 

About Startline Motor Finance

Startline Motor Finance provides motor finance solutions to UK motor dealers with an accent on customer service and high levels of compliance. Run by a highly experienced motor finance team, the business is headquartered in Glasgow with a sales presence throughout the whole of the UK.

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