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Simon is one of Britain's leading independent PR advisors.
Bringing a wealth of experience to the role spanning more than 25 years, he began his career as a journalist and editor on major news and business to business publications.  After moving into PR, he now works with everyone from the world's largest multinationals to ambitious start-ups - and companies of every size in-between.
Simon is the founder and managing director of Paperchase.
His approach to PR has always been driven purely by results - and he achieves these by consistently adopting an approach which is as proactive as it is innovative. In short, he keeps the aims of his clients and the requirements of journalists - be they broadcast, print or online - at the heart of this process.
Simon has worked with companies operating in most sectors: from manufacturing to public services and retail to professional services. In addition, he is acknowledged to have industry-leading expertise in the automotive sector. Simon's detailed knowledge of the issues and personalities driving both the motor trade and fleet industries are widely recognised to be second to none.
But quite apart from advising hundreds of companies worldwide on their PR strategies, he has also been involved in his own successful business start-ups. Consequently, he brings great strategic knowledge to his role which reaches well beyond the boundaries of PR and general marketing. As a result, he is often used by clients as a source of business advice and ideas.
Current and past Paperchase clients include GE Capital, Glass’s Guide, Arval, RAC, epyx, iVendi, Microban, Chevin Fleet Solutions, Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association, The Warranty Group, AA Tyre Fit, TLS Vehicle Rental, CFC Solutions, Holland and Barrett, Churchill Tableware and Pinewood Computer Solutions.
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Current and previous clients include

Simon has a relationship with epyx that dates back almost two decades and, during that time, has played a key part in shaping the positive perception of the company across the motor industry.

Dal Dosanjh Head of marketing communications.

As a business, we have been bringing a new and innovative proposition to the motor finance sector, and Simon’s help has been invaluable in communicating that message to the market.

Paul Burgess CEO, Startline Motor Finance

We’ve worked closely with Simon almost since the inception of the company and he has greatly helped us to define the iVendi's identity as we have evolved to become the market leader in online motor retail.

James Tew CEO.

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epyx is highlighting the particular advantages of mobile mechanics for fleets delivering essential services during the coronavirus lockdown.

Tim Meadows, vice president and commercial director, said: “While a relatively large number of workshops are staying open through the crisis, it seems to us that mobile has an important role to play at the moment in supporting those on the frontline.

“Firstly, for fleets that are involved in delivering essential services and transporting key workers, mobile can provide the means for more flexible SMR provision, ensuring that vehicles stay roadworthy that might otherwise be difficult to maintain and repair.

“Someone who has been working straight through for days on end can have work carried out at their home when they finally get some time off, while another person who is unavoidably working every day can have it done at their place of employment.

“Secondly, for people that are self-isolating, mobile means that their vehicle can be kept in roadworthy condition whilst reducing the potential risk of infection to themselves.”

epyx says that mobile mechanics from almost 20 different providers can be booked across almost the entire country through its industry-standard 1link Service Network platform, which is used by organisations operating four million cars and vans to access and manage service, maintenance and repair (SMR).

Tim said: “Clearly, some SMR work unavoidably requires a workshop visit for a variety of reasons but there is a very high degree of capability among mobile mechanics.

“All fleets that want to book mobile have to do is tick a box in 1link Service Network and the platform will show them current availability. If they are having any problems accessing the services that they need, they can call us and we will try to help.”

epyx can be contacted by e-mail on or by calling 08700 118800. 

About epyx
epyx specialises in e-commerce solutions for the automotive sector. Its best-known products are the 1link platforms, which improve the efficiency of major fleets and their suppliers, covering functions including vehicle procurement, maintenance, hire, remarketing and relicensing. They have been adopted by fleets totalling more than four million vehicles, nearly 9,000 service providers, and nearly all major motor manufacturers on behalf of their franchise networks.
epyx is owned by FLEETCOR Technologies, Inc.
About FLEETCOR Technologies, Inc.
FLEETCOR Technologies, Inc. is a leading global provider of commercial payment solutions. The company helps businesses of all sizes better control, simplify and secure payment of their fuel, toll, lodging and general payables. With its proprietary payment networks, FLEETCOR Technologies, Inc. provides affiliated merchants with incremental sales and loyalty. FLEETCOR Technologies, Inc. serves businesses, partners and merchants in North America, Latin America, Europe and Australasia. For more information, visit

For further details please contact Simon Wells at Paperchase Public Relations on 07768 912430 or e-mail



An acceleration in fleet safety checks has seen FleetCheck’s Vehicle Inspection App accelerate past the three million milestone in the last week.

The app was introduced in April, 2017 and took until earlier this year to clock up two million checks, but has passed an additional million in a matter of weeks.

Peter Golding, managing director at FleetCheck, said: “We’ve seen an explosion in checks over the last few weeks. Part of this is because we have signed some significant new clients but we are also seeing existing customers make more checks.

“Our feeling is that there is a general increase in awareness of this kind of product in the market, both among car and commercial vehicle fleets, and that we have been well-placed to take advantage of the trend.

“Why this increase is taking place at this time is difficult to pinpoint but there is certainly a growing interest in simplifying fleet compliance and the app helps fleets achieve that. In some weeks are approaching 200,000 individual checks.”

The Vehicle Inspection App creates the means for drivers and fleet managers of cars, vans, HGVs, buses and coaches to schedule, carry out, confirm, follow-up and audit all kinds of legally-required inspections from daily walkarounds to weekly or monthly checks.

A new, streamlined version of the app aimed mainly at SMEs taking their first steps in compliance, called FleetCheck Driver, was launched in January and provides a simplified solution for fleets that currently have no risk management measures in place.

Peter added that a notable new addition to the app in recent weeks had been a new fit-to-drive declaration covering coronavirus symptoms.

“This has been very well-received by fleets, especially those that are involved in the delivery of essential services. It provides a simple and easy reminder for drivers of the symptoms that they are likely to be experiencing if infected.

“Clearly, when we’re all dealing with something as contagious as coronavirus, this takes on a whole new dimension, especially as many of the fleets still working on a daily basis are home delivery companies that are dealing with the public.”

About FleetCheck

Based in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, FleetCheck is one of the UK’s leading fleet software and management specialists. Established in 2006, it now has a customer base of more than 1,000 businesses totalling in excess of 100,000 vehicles using its suite of advanced fleet software solutions, which place an accent on ease of use and effectiveness. The company also offers a range of additional service including telematics, risk management, driver training, licence checking, fleet documentation, fleet policy creation and strategy implementation.

More details can be found at

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The Government and HMRC should examine the impact of the coronavirus lockdown on benefit-in-kind taxation for company car and van drivers, says the Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP).

Co-chair Caroline Sandall said that the subject should be placed in perspective among a whole range of more important issues during the crisis but that there was genuine cause for concern.

She explained: “Overall, there is a fundamental question of fairness here. Can you justify taxing people on a benefit when that benefit is not really available for use? That’s what is happening at the moment with company cars and vans that can’t be used except for essential travel.

“Plus, when you drill further down into the subject, there are a whole range of situations being faced by individuals. The current crisis will impact on all drivers of company cars and vans to a degree but potentially some much more severely than others. 

“Among the hardest-hit are drivers who have been furloughed and could find it tough to pay their tax bill while on only 80% of their usual salary. This is especially the case if they have an older car with a high CO2 figure on which the benefit-in-kind increased at the start of the new tax year.”

She added that there were other implications. For example, there were drivers who were expecting to have taken possession of a new company car with lower benefit-in-kind taxation but have had to hang onto their old car because delivery was currently impossible.

“If you were planning to be driving a new, lower emissions car or even an EV on April 2 that attracted very low or zero taxation, then it seems unfair if you are taxed on your four-year-old diesel and being charged an additional couple of hundred pounds [SW1] every month.”

Caroline said that there was even a question of whether company car drivers should be able to SORN their vehicle during the lockdown period and avoid paying benefit-in-kind altogether.

“Some drivers will not be using their company cars at all because of their situation, perhaps because they have had to self-isolate or are part of an at-risk group. It seems plausible that they should potentially be given the option of opting out of their company car temporarily.”

Caroline said that the AFP was aware that other parties had raised the issue of benefit-in-kind for fleets during the lockdown but it would be best if the industry spoke with one voice.

“This is something that we believe should be raised with the Government and HMRC at the appropriate time and, as the leading body for fleet professionals, we are would like to act as the focal point for any co-ordinated activity undertaken across our sector.

“Job one, from our point of view, is to look at ways of recording potentially useful information regarding the driver and company car usage, including the dates of any furlough, the mileage they are covering and more. These might prove essential in any future discussions with the authorities.

“Ideally, of course, we would like to see a suspension of benefit-in-kind taxation on company cars and vans for the period of the lockdown but, given government and HMRC current priorities, that may not be possible.”
Notes to Editors:

The Association of Fleet Professionals is the organisation for fleet professionals. 

It brings together ACFO, a non-profit making organisation representing the interests of businesses which operate cars and vans as part of their normal commercial activities; and ICFM (formerly known as the Institute of Car Fleet Management), the UK’s only independent not-for-profit organisation dedicated to furthering the education, recognising the achievements, and advancing the profession of car and light commercial fleet management.

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