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Simon is one of Britain's leading independent PR advisors.
Bringing a wealth of experience to the role spanning more than 25 years, he began his career as a journalist and editor on major news and business to business publications.  After moving into PR, he now works with everyone from the world's largest multinationals to ambitious start-ups - and companies of every size in-between.
Simon is the founder and managing director of Paperchase.
His approach to PR has always been driven purely by results - and he achieves these by consistently adopting an approach which is as proactive as it is innovative. In short, he keeps the aims of his clients and the requirements of journalists - be they broadcast, print or online - at the heart of this process.
Simon has worked with companies operating in most sectors: from manufacturing to public services and retail to professional services. In addition, he is acknowledged to have industry-leading expertise in the automotive sector. Simon's detailed knowledge of the issues and personalities driving both the motor trade and fleet industries are widely recognised to be second to none.
But quite apart from advising hundreds of companies worldwide on their PR strategies, he has also been involved in his own successful business start-ups. Consequently, he brings great strategic knowledge to his role which reaches well beyond the boundaries of PR and general marketing. As a result, he is often used by clients as a source of business advice and ideas.
Current and past Paperchase clients include GE Capital, Glass’s Guide, Arval, RAC, epyx, iVendi, Microban, Chevin Fleet Solutions, Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association, The Warranty Group, AA Tyre Fit, TLS Vehicle Rental, CFC Solutions, Holland and Barrett, Churchill Tableware and Pinewood Computer Solutions.
Here, you will find testimonials from clients and a selection of recent press releases, social media activity and more.


Current and previous clients include

Simon has an excellent grasp of the issues affecting our industry and is able to take those messages to the media in a very effective manner.

Ian Simpson Automotive Managing Director.
The Warranty Group

As a relatively new business, we are very keen to take our message to market and make it heard by the right people. Simon has helped us identify what is newsworthy about Startline and made sure that we gained coverage in the right media.

Paul Burgess CEO, Startline Motor Finance

As a relatively new company, we have been very keen to make some noise about our products and capabilities, and Simon has played a key role in helping to establish us as a credible voice in the marketplace.

James Tew CEO.

Press Releases

The latest news and releases from Paperchase PR

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The RAC and Assurant (NYSE: AIZ), a global provider of risk management solutions, announced today that they have extended their agreement to continue to operate the RAC brand together in the UK car dealer sector until at least 2024.

The deal covers a range of well-established RAC-branded warranty and other dealer insurance products, as well as the RAC Dealer Network including RAC Approved Dealers.

The two organisations have been working together since 2008 when the original arrangement was signed by The Warranty Group, acquired by Assurant in May 2018.

Dave Hobday, RAC CEO, said: “This has been a very successful partnership. The RAC Dealer Network now has over 1,300 members including 333 Approved Dealers, which makes it the largest initiative of its kind in the motor industry.

“Our agreement has been extended by an additional three years from the original 2021 expiry date, which is a sign of our confidence in Assurant, our acknowledgement of all that our teams have achieved working together, and our support of where they intend to take the brand in the next few years.

“Importantly, we feel that Assurant really understands the RAC brand. For us, it is all about producing products and services that genuinely put the customer first. We trust them as custodians of the RAC in the dealer sector.”

Rich Green, President, Automotive - Europe for Assurant, added: “We are very pleased to sign this deal extension, which allows us to put our longer-term development plans for the sector into action.

“The RAC name is at the core of what we do in the dealer space. There has been double digit percentage revenue growth for each of the last five years and we have created an enviable proposition that has seen hundreds of dealers adopt RAC products during that time.

“In a sector where the main warranty providers have little brand recognition, dealers understand not just the value of our market-leading products but also the huge consumer confidence that is generated by being identified with the RAC name.

"Substantial effort has gone into ensuring that the proposition provided to dealers and customers is of a very high quality, reflecting the RAC brand. As an illustration, we have paid out over £9m in claims  so far this year alone, which is a substantial figure.

“Importantly, we have also worked hard at developing new and innovative propositions that are meeting the developing needs of the used car market. Our 333 RAC Approved Dealers, for example, have grown from launch five years ago to become the largest non-manufacturer approved used car initiative in the country.”

Rich added that focused effort had ensured that there is complete UK coverage for dealers, with agents across the country.

“We have experts on the ground everywhere who can help dealers with managing queries or discussing the best way to maximise sales. Providing that kind of support is, we believe, absolutely essential and commensurate with RAC brand values.”

Assurant and the RAC were increasingly making inroads not just into independent dealerships, their traditional area of strength, but also into car supermarkets and leading franchise dealer groups, Rich said.

“We have a greater presence in car supermarkets than any other warranty provider and are starting to grow our presence in the franchise dealer space where there is increasing recognition of how the RAC brand can be used alongside the manufacturer’s name. It’s an area of great interest to us for future development.”


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Simon Wells at Paperchase PR on 07768 912430
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UK businesses lead the way with their plans to adopt hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles over the next three years, according to new research by Arval.

They are also in second place when compared to 12 other European countries when it comes to plans to use fully electric vehicles.

The findings come from the 2018 edition of Arval’s long-established Corporate Vehicle Observatory Barometer, research which covers 3,718 fleets.

The research shows that 32% of UK fleets are already using at least one alternative fuelled vehicle, with 25% adopting hybrids, 22% plug-in hybrids and 14% full electric.

Within three years, fleets say that they expect this to rise to 61% overall with 53% hybrid, 46% plug-in hybrid and 42% electric.

Enthusiasm for adoption is skewed towards larger fleets in all categories. For example, 4% of those with fewer than 10 vehicles are currently operating an EV compared to 35% of those with more than 50 cars and vans.

Within three years, this is expected to rise to 30% of smaller fleets and 68% of larger ones.

Shaun Sadlier, Head of Arval’s Corporate Vehicle Observatory in the UK, said: “What we are beginning to see emerge here is perhaps the fuel mix of the future. As some fleets start to turn away from diesel, we will start to experience greater use of not just petrol but a range of alternatively fueled vehicles.

“As expected, hybrids and plug-in hybrids are the winners here but, also, more than four out of 10 fleets expect to be operating a fully electric vehicle by 2021, which would mark a huge increase in EV sales compared to today’s levels. Part of this could be prompted by the type of EVs that emerge as, from 2020, we expect to see greatly increased ranges.

“In the next few years we believe that fleets will start to gain a greater understanding of which fuels work best in certain types of application and this is something that our consultancy team are now handling on a daily basis. Advances in the technology itself will also make electric and plug-in vehicles a more viable option for many more businesses.

“Why is the UK leading Europe in so many areas? There are several factors but, at the top of the list is a taxation regime that encourages low CO2 vehicles and the fact that we replace our vehicle more often than most other countries.

Are you using at least one alternative fuel vehicle?
                                               All fleets            1-9                 10-49              50+
                                                                        vehicles           vehicles           vehicles

All                                            32%                 15%                 37%                 69%
Hybrid                                      25%                 8%                   27%                 61%
Plug-in hybrid                            22%                 8%                   24%                 53%
Electric                                     14%                 4%                   17%                 35%

Are you planning to use at least alternative fuel vehicle in the next three years?
                                               All fleets            1-9                 10-49              50+
                                                                        vehicles           vehicles           vehicles

All                                            61%                 52%                 64%                 80%
Hybrid                                      53%                 41%                 55%                 80%
Plug-in hybrid                            46%                 34%                 51%                 68%
Electric                                     42%                 30%                 42%                 68%

About the Corporate Vehicle Observatory Barometer 2018

Arval’s Corporate Vehicle Observatory Barometer has become widely recognised as one of the most authoritative pieces of research carried out in the fleet sector. Each year, a wide ranging series of questions provide a comprehensive examination of fleet trends in the UK and across Europe. For 2018, 3,718 separate and detailed interviews were carried out with managers responsible for fleets ranging in size from just one vehicle to thousands of cars and vans.



About Arval UK
Arval UK, part of the Arval Group, is a leader in the provision of vehicle funding and fleet management solutions. Owned by BNP Paribas, with substantial buying power, we have 40 years of industry experience and fund more than 160,000 cars and vans. Focused on service quality, Arval UK is a people-led company, with specialist teams dedicated to businesses from start-ups to FTSE 100 companies. Arval continues to invest significantly in technology to improve fleet efficiency and has a comprehensive range of products and services covering funding solutions including contract hire, vehicle maintenance, fuel management, accident management, breakdown recovery, short and medium term hire, insured lease vehicles, full outsourcing and consultancy services.

About Arval:
Founded in 1989 and fully owned by BNP Paribas, Arval specialises in full service vehicle leasing. Arval offers its customers – large international corporates, SMEs and professionals – tailored solutions that optimise their employees’ mobility and outsource the risks associated with fleet management. Expert advice and service quality, which are the foundations of Arval’s customer promise, are delivered in 28 countries by over 6,000 employees. Arval’s total leased fleet adds up to 1,000,000 vehicles throughout the world. Arval is a founding member of the Element-Arval Global Alliance, the longest standing strategic alliance in the fleet management industry and the worldwide leader with 3 million vehicles in nearly 50 countries. Within BNP Paribas, Arval belongs to the Retail Banking core activity.

Graham Nichols - – 01793 884453 / 07966 129 309

Twitter – @Arval_UK
Facebook – ArvalUnitedKingdom
LinkedIn – Arval United Kingdom
You Tube – ArvalUKLtd

Integrating add-on products such as warranties and service plans into the customer journey is the “next big challenge” in the development of online motor retail, says iVendi.

These products are often important sources of profit for dealers and can provide valuable protection for customers but are too easy to ignore if they are simply presented as a single page of options online.

James Tew, CEO at iVendi, said: “Creating a complete online motor retail journey that provides all of the opportunities of its showroom counterpart is something we have been working on for many years. Most of the major issues have been resolved but there are a small number left and we see add-ons as the next big challenge.

“They are an important source of revenue for dealers and have typically been sold face to face. However, online, it is too easy to click ‘next’ because it is not a core part of the car purchase and they are usually introduced near the end of the process.

“Major dealer groups - who in many ways are leading the way when it comes to online processes - are especially concerned about possible reduced add-on sales. Upselling of warranties, for example, is difficult for them to achieve when a deal has already effectively been concluded online.”

James said that iVendi’s efforts so far had been concentrated on investigating where add-ons should be first shown to the customer and how best to explain their benefits.

“There is no obvious reason to introduce add-ons at the end of the customer journey and we have been experimenting with showing them at other points, as well as dealing with them separately to the main vehicle purchase process altogether.

“We have also created a series of videos that underline the advantages of the main add-on products that are designed to show their benefits to car buyers. This is an approach that has worked very well in online motor finance.”

James said that iVendi was also in dialogue with a number of providers of add-on products, pooling information about the best way to sell their products online.

“Everyone in this part of the motor industry recognises the importance of retailing these products successfully online and there is quite an open attitude to sharing information and experiences.

“Really, we are in a similar position to where online motor finance was maybe 5-6 years ago, where everyone involved in the sector is trying new and innovative approaches and discovering what works best.

“There is a general recognition that add-ons are such an important part of the car retail experience that we need to find a way to make them saleable in a manner that works as seamlessely as possible online for both dealers and customers. “

James said that iVendi was working on a range of best practice ideas and solutions that it believed would mark a considerable step forward.

“Substantial progress has already been made and we expect to be able to reveal more information about what we have discovered later this year.”

About iVendi

Founded in 2009, iVendi makes e-commerce solutions that make vehicle selling easier for dealers, vehicle buying easier for buyers, and vehicle finance easier for all. With offices in Manchester and Colwyn Bay and products connected to more than 7,000 dealer locations in the UK, iVendi believes in innovating to deliver results.

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